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For all questions please reach out to your Division Representative.



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Morgan Hill Pony Baseball Spring 2023

How long is the season?  Our Spring Season will consist of 14 regular season games.  Games will be played between mid-March through mid-May.

In which division will my child play?  Your child’s division is determined by their “league-age," which you can view in the chart on the registration page once registration has opened. We do not allow any player to "play down" in an younger division.

When are games played? In the Spring there will be one game during the week and the other played on Saturday. 

When are practices held?  Practice will occur during the week after 4:30pm at the coaches discretion, typically one to two times per week. 

Volunteer Hours and Field Work Days?  Field Work Day dates will be communicated at a later time.

Do you offer refunds?  Registration refunds -- minus a $25 processing fee -- will be available until midnight of the Monday following player evaluations. Thereafter, no refunds will be issued. 

If you would like to manage or coach a team, please contact your Division Representative or the Player Agent. As a reminder we are a volunteer organization and we are always in need of managers, coaches and board volunteers.

Thank you, 

Morgan Hill Pony Baseball Board of Directors

Morgan Hill Pony Baseball

Morgan Hill PONY Baseball (MHPB) has offered a programs for the area's youth since 1974. MHPB is a member of the national organization, PONY Baseball, Inc. PONY is an acronym for Protect Our Nations Youth. PONY baseball differs from other baseball leagues in the following ways:

  • Two year age bracketing
  • Age specific diamond sizes
  • Play by Major Leaue Baseball rules
  • Four year olds can play
  • 6U has a division for coach pitch or T-ball.
  • 8U is coach and kid pitch
  • 10 - 14 games per season

Mission Statement: Morgan Hill PONY Baseball seeks to impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.  This objective will be reached by providing supervised competitive games. The supervisors shall bear in mind at all times that winning is secondary to the molding of future citizens.

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