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Field Day #2 - 2/29/2020 9am - 2pm

The first field day was a huge success.  We still have a handful of jobs to wrap up.  Don't miss this, the second Field Day of the 2020 Spring Baseball Season on Saturday, February 29th. This event will help the league get the fields ready for opening day (March 7th!).  Additionally this is a great opportunity for to knockout 2-4 of the 8 required volunteer hours. 

We need to perform work on the Britton, El Toro, and Central Fields. Most critical is that we have top dressing to distribute across all of the fields. We need your help!

Please work with your Division Representative, Managers, or Coaches for specifics for your division.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you share the game schedule with the parents?: The game schedules will be created and shared after Player Evaluations and the Player Draft.   Teams were formed between January 30th and February  4th, so this is the very next thing on our 'to do' list. Team Coaches will share the schedules as soon as we have them available.  

When will we know what team we are on? The Team Draft usually occurs the week after Player Evaluations (Late January). You will hear from your player's coach within a weks of team selection. Expect to hear from a coach in early-to-mid-February.

Practices and Games:

  • Shetland Division: If your child is playing in the Shetland division, during the regular season you can expect one practice on a weekday and one game per week (Saturday). This changes during the playoffs; you might end up with a weekday game and a Saturday game. In general, make-up games can happen on any day depending on field availability.
  • Pinto Division and Up: If your player is in the Pinto division or above, you can usually expect two practices per week before games start. When games begin, practices will probably reduce to one per week (depends on the coach) and your player's team will have a weekday game and a Saturday game (two games per week). In general, make-up games can happen on any day depending on field availability.

Can my athlete play down in a younger division? We cannot allow players to play in a lower age division.  There are no exceptions to this rule. Practices will be held to help educate/train players of all skill levels perform as a team.  

How long is the season? The regular season runs from Early March to early May.  City Championship Playoffs start in early May. Monday, May 6. Playoff schedules will be  worked out toward the end of the regular season.

Do you offer refunds?: Registration refunds are available through February 16th.  Requests must be submitted in writing and will be be issued minus a $25.00 processing fee . Refunds will not be issued after February 16th. 

Online Registration is now closed. 

Please contact the Player Agent at if you have any questions. 

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

  • February 29th - Field Day #2
  • March 7th - Opening Day, Spring 2020! 
  • March 22nd - Picture day
  • April 19th - San Jose Giants Game
  • May 2nd - MHPB Board Member Elections 
  • May 23rd - 25th - Memorial Day Showcase


Field set-up

Have you wondered how the fields get setup on game day?

It's the steadfast, can-do support of our player's parents. Thank you who roll up your sleeves and get stuff done on game days. Would you like to get involved? Ask your team's coach how you can pitch in. It's your support that makes our league a success!

Morgan Hill Pony Baseball

Morgan Hill PONY Baseball (MHPB) has offered a programs for the area's youth since 1974. MHPB is a member of the national organization, PONY Baseball, Inc. PONY is an acronym for Protect Our Nations Youth. PONY baseball differs from other baseball leagues in the following ways:

  • Two year age bracketing
  • Age specific diamond sizes
  • Play by Major Leaue Baseball rules
  • Four year olds can play
  • 6U has a division for coach pitch or T-ball.
  • 8U is coach and kid pitch
  • 12 - 14 games per season

Mission Statement: Morgan Hill PONY Baseball seeks to impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.  This objective will be reached by providing supervised competitive games. The supervisors shall bear in mind at all times that winning is secondary to the molding of future citizens.

MHPB Support

Updates & News

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